The After-Effects of Family Violence
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Dealing with family violence

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Domestic violence is not something that only affects the victim. It also affects those who witness it. Children do not necessarily need to be in the same room where the abuse is going on. As long as they can hear it, they can be affected by it. The effects of being exposed to abuse are far reaching and can be felt long after the terrifying situation is over.

Suffering from Abuse

If someone is suffering from abuse, they may feel like the situation will never end. The children may resort to withdrawing or acting out towards one or both parents or in school. It is important for a victim to get legal help if anyone is in danger. A family law attorney can provide victims with protection and legal guidance necessary to remain safe while overcoming the situation.

Stop the Violence

Sometimes victims of abuse have a hard time staying away from their abusers. They can be inexplicably drawn to them or are having trouble keeping them out of their lives. But victims need to remember what is at stake – the health and safety of themselves and their children. Victims should focus on getting the help they need so they and their children can move on with their lives.

Avoid Future Abuse

Even after a victim has removed himself or herself from the abuse, they’ll always need to make a conscious effort to avoid it in the future. It’s important for victims to work on improving their mindset about abuse so they don’t fall prey to more abuse. They can learn how to recognize the early signs of abuse so they can take steps to deescalate it or seek protection much sooner.

coping with the future

Don’t forget about the children and their emotional state. Even if they weren’t the ones being abused, they are still affected by it. Besides taking them to counseling, a parent should keep showing children how resilient they are and use positive parenting practices to help them adapt and overcome any lingering effects they may still experience long after the situation has ended.